Website Design

website-design-michigan-300x232Our team has have been designing websites since 1995. Long before software was created to help we were coding HTML from scratch. Today, we still code original builds, but what we specialize in is customizing WordPress Templates, which allows us to offer high quality and professional websites to our clients at a fraction of what it would cost for us to do new coding and testing.

Our process begins with first communicating with you to discover as much as possible about your business model, objectives, and your vision for the future. That allows us to interpret your vision so that we can move towards the creative phase of building an online business strategy specific to your needs.

After defining your needs, our focus shifts to: use color, designing custom graphics (and logo if needed), layout and imagery to create an online presence that’s credible, usable, and true to your core message. Our goal is to give your website audience a clean, fresh, effective, and enjoyable experience that will boost your credibility and influence their attention and interest in your business.

Being that it does neither of us any good for you to have website that no one knows about or visits, after the website is constructed we then transition into the most important phase of the project which is Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Integration, Business Integration Consulting, and Web Analytics that will drive traffic to your new website.

For websites that we host and use a customized WordPress Template will generally cost no more than $550.00 for everything with $110.00 for the renewable hosting and maintenance fee. Website build time ranges from three days to one month – always depending upon whether we have all the content needed to complete the project.